Tabular data analysis with R and Tidyverse

Does data analysis feel like the impossible job of “catching the moon?”
Fortunately R and RStudio are great tools to analyze data and illustrate conclusions, while at the same time keeping records and create “live” documents that can be updated with “just one click.”
The material is written in a way that is conducive to “learn by doing” following demonstrations and examples. All code and all necessary materials and files are available and therefore it is possible to learn and acquire proficiency on one’s own with this course content.

FREE Comics – World of Viruses

World of Viruses “World of Viruses comics” from the University of Nebraska are available free on-line as PDF or for reading online. A nice way to educate oneself and younger ones while seemingly having fun! …

PyMOL tutorial books released

Summary: The Biochem 660 PyMOL tutorial book has been split in 4 PDFs for easier read and download: Book 1: Molecular Graphics Essentials (Summary of methods to obtain 3D data; file formats) Book 2: PyMOL …