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Free programming courses


A list of free online courses. LinkedIn learning is free via the University licensing.

Other courses listed may require a free login account.

LinknedIn Learning

This service used to be called lynda.com. While at UW-madison you have access to all courses for free by login with your NetID. There are over 5,000 courses that encompass a lot of subjects other than programming. Details can be found on this PDF brochure: How to Use LinkedIn Learning – [Archived]

The courses range from beginner to advanced and typically range in time from 1 to 3 hours. Some more in depth courses can last 4 to 6 hours. Here are a few example:

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Python courses on LinkedIn Learning

Programming Foundations: Fundamentals(Beginner 2h 10, July 22, 2019)
Python Quick Start (Beginner 1h 36, October 8, 2019)
Python for Non-Programmers (Beginner, 1h 55, December 17, 2021)
Learning Python (Beginner, 3h 10, November 19, 2021)
Python Essential Training (Beginner,4h 17, June 13, 2022)
Advanced Python (Advanced, 2h 27, August 15, 2018)
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R courses on LinkedIn Leaning

Learning R ( Beginner + Intermediate, 2h 51, August 29, 2019)
R Essential Training: Wrangling and Visualizing Data (Beginner + Intermediate, 4h 18, April 9, 2020)
Data Visualization in R with ggplot2 ( Intermediate 2h 27, April 11, 2018)
Master R for Data Science: Complete curriculum of 7 courses. 16h43 total (includes the 2 courses listed above, plus courses on machine learning, R for Excel users…)
R for Data Science: Lunch Break Lessons (Beginner + Intermediate 17h 28. Updated: November 4, 2022)
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There are many many more courses on computer and programming subjects:

Data Structures
Object-Oriented Programming
GitHub for Data Scientists (Intermediate, 44m 15s, December 1, 2020)

There are many more subjects

Once you are no longer at the University the courses would require a subscription. However, there are other sources of quality courses. Of course YouTube is a convenient resource, but there are other options such as those below.

Free DataCamp courses

Datacamp offers  6 courses that are completely free:

Introduction to Python
Introduction to SQL
Introduction to R    
Machine Learning for Everyone
Data Science for Everyone
Data Engineering for Everyone

All of our other courses are free to start (e.g., you can do the first chapter of any other course on our site for free.)  You can see all of our courses here.

All of our course materials are free for educators to use in their own training. Educators can sign up here to access free course materials for their classrooms.

Other free courses and sites

Site Example Requires login
(even free)
W3 Schools  Python Tutorial No
freeCodeCamp Scientific Computing with Python No
Kaggle  Learn (All), Intro to Programming, Python, Intro to Machine Learning No
GeeksforGeeks Python Programming Language No
Google Google’s Python Class No
Programiz Learn Python Programming No
Codecademy Pricing starts at zero  Yes
Coursera Some free, various “plans Yes
Other Resources
Learn X in Y  Python summary No
A Byte of Python A Byte of Python free book No


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