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The Biochemistry Computational Research Facility (BCRF) provides access to a Linux cluster and tutorials.

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Accessing the Biochemistry Computational Cluster

Please contact Jean-yves Sgro (jsgro@wisc.edu) for authorized access.

Workshops & Registration

Workshops are primarily focused on the needs of Biochemistry personnel from students to faculty, but often extended to Biomolecular Chemistry, Chemistry and other curious minds.

BCRF tutorials are typically two hours long and involve a lot of hands-on practice. All tutorial materials are available for individuals to use after courses or on their own.

Class size is kept small for better interaction and hands-on opportunities but occasionally can be augmented with two or three attendees bringing their laptops.


Jean-Yves Sgro

Credentials: Ph.D.

Position title: Distinguished, Senior Scientist

Email: jsgro@wisc.edu

Jean-Yves Sgro, a senior scientist with years of experience in using and teaching computer programs, creates, organizes and teaches the workshops.

Jean-Yves has been at UW since 1986  after a Master in Physiology and a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology (1) from the Joseph Fourier University (2), Grenoble, France, researched at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) (3) where he already used large computers for sequence analysis.

At the Institute for Molecular Virology (IMV) he continued developing computer expertise in addition to his wet-lab research – 3D molecular visualization (virusworld), RNA-folding predictions, sequence and data analysis…

In 1996 he joined the UW Biotechnology Center to better help Campus biologists analyze and visualize their data while continuing research at IMV until 2014 when this part-time position was transferred to the Biochemistry department where he organizes and teaches hands-on tutorials on molecular graphics, data analysis as a support to the department personnel.

Jean-Yves also volunteers as an intructor for the “Carpentries” global community data science workshops.

(1) Ph.D. Structural study of brome mosaic virus protein and RNA and of their interaction by covalent crosslinking
(2) Now part of Université Grenoble Alpes
(3) EMBL Grenoble “Outstation”


ORCID iD icon https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2640-4949


  • Molecular Graphics
  • Computational Methods
  • Reproducible Research


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Danger Virus movie: 2 minutes segment featuring Dr. Sgro