R Club

R Club Announcement

The Biochemistry R Club sessions are held in room 201, Biochemistry Laboratories, 433 Babcock Drive, (map.)
Contact: Jean-Yves Sgro, jsgro@wisc.edu


We meet every other Tuesday in room 201, 4:00 – 5:30pm
The first session for the new R Club will be: October 10, 2023. (<- New date)

GitLab repository


Materials /Archives

– Materials used in class evolve and is listed within the minutes (readme files etc.) posted on the GitLab repository .

– Previous versions of this page are archived.
Spring 2023


We will use to learn the programming langage R by using the R software through RStudio software.
If you use your own computer during session you will need to install both (free) software:

R software installer can be downloaded from “The Comprehensive R Archive Network” (CRAN)
– The RStudio integrated development environment (IDE): download RStudio Desktop

Code of Conduct

In order to foster a positive and professional learning environment we encourage the following kinds of behaviors in all platforms and events:

– Use welcoming and inclusive language
– Be respectful of different viewpoints and experiences
– Gracefully accept constructive criticism
– Focus on what is best for the community
– Show courtesy and respect towards other community members

(Excerpt from Carpentries Code of Conduct)

Image credits: Shield frames by Pixabay OpenClipart-Vectors. Left, “sapphire jewels R” by Pixabay southerngal. Right, “Golden R” by Pixabay Balrajazmee.