The Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Interactive Tutorials

screen capture of Fudamentals of Biochemistry Interactive Tutorials

The Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Interactive Tutorials from Colorado State University was created by Dr. David Fahrney and edited by Ben Robinson. The 10th edition contains 10 interactive tutorials of the planned 16 chapters.


Using the javacript-based JMol web plug-in they provide easy to use, script-based interactive lessons detailing many structural aspect of biomolecules.
Clicking the “cog” icon on the left hand side will display Jmol options to chance the aspect of the presented molecules and alter the prescripted representation that range from stick model to complete molecular surfaces.

The current table of content covers the fundamentals as well as many advanced topics. Some chapters are still in construction. For example the Enzymes chapter has only 2 filled sections out of the 16 planned entries. Nevertheless we can thank the authors for the beautiful script renderings and in-depth lessons that are already on line!

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 9. Functional Diversity of Proteins
2. Fundamentals 10. Enzymes
3. Nucleic Acids 11. Membrane Lipids
4. Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions 12.Integral Membrane Proteins
5. Amino Acids and Peptides 13. Ion Transport Across Membranes
6. Protein Architecture 14. ATP Synthase
7. Quaternary Structure of Proteins 15. Photosynthesis
8. Local Electrostatic Interactions 16. Supramolecular Assemblies


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