R & Python workshops – Winter 2022


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Library workshops

Note: these workshops fill-in fast… Individual workshop descriptions and instructors list.
Registration required.  Registration is by workshop, not for the entire series. See below for links to register for individual workshops. Classes will be online with Zoom.

R series

R Workshops Date Begin time End time Registration link
R Basics 2/4/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/29027x
R Basics (Repeat) 2/11/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/h8k21p
R Data Wrangling 2/18/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/djuk5w
R Visualization 2/25/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/ef68qt
R Reports 3/4/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/i38zj3

Intended audience: anyone at UW-Madison who is working with tabular research data. The content is based heavily on the R Ecology Data Carpentry Please email Heather Shimon, heather.shimon@wisc.edu with questions or to be added to our email list for updates.

Python series

Python Programming Date Begin time End time Registration link
Introduction 2/1/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/j264my
Introduction (repeat) 2/8/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/j1873x
Loops, lists, and functions 2/15/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/e8z234
Spreadsheets and data
wrangling with pandas
2/22/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/au8b66
Data Visualization with seaborn 3/1/22 10:00 AM (CST) 12:00 PM https://go.wisc.edu/x4s20q

This workshop is for the absolute beginner wanting to slowly walk through the process of getting started with Python, a programming language commonly used for data analysis. Please email Casey Schacher, casey.schacher@wisc.edu with questions or to be added to our email list for updates.

Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC)

SSCC courses are (again) free but regular attendance is requested and expected for longer courses.

Note: some classes are online while others are in person at Sewell Social Sciences Building

Classes most relevant to R users:

R Workshop Date Begin time (CST) End time Registration link
Introduction to R (online) 1/18 10:00 AM 3:00 PM register
Introduction to R (in class) 1/31 10:00 AM 1:00 PM register
Data Wrangling in R (in class) 2/2, 2/7, 2/9, 2/14,
2/16, 2/21, 2/23
10:00 AM 12:00 PM register
Data Visualization in R: ggplot2 Basics (in class) 2/10 1:00 PM 2:30 PM register

SSCC also offers workshops for Python, and SATA software.

See complete listing: https://sscc.wisc.edu/sscc_jsp/training/  Scroll at bottom of page descriptions for registration form.

Software Carpentry @ UW-Madison

Open to all. No prior knowledge required.

Jan 10-21, 2022. Add to your Google Calendar.

Note: low cost registration ends on January 5, 2022

All details: https://uw-madison-datascience.github.io/2022-01-10-uwmadison-swc/

Schedule: All workshop sessions will begin 9:00 am and end at 12:30 pm (US Central Time). Participants are encouraged to show up 30 min early on the first day to check their

Materials links: