Cover of Sybyl 2.1 installation manual.


Guest speaker

Guest speaker: Dr. Kenneth Satyshur



Sybyl is a general molecular modeling program that consists of a number of computational chemistry modules to describe and predict molecular behaviour. by Tripos, now a subsidiary of Certara, Inc.. The program suite SYBYL The Basic module performs the task of reading or sketching structures and initiating minimisations. It is menu-driven, giving access to over 200 fragments, and offers minimisation at different levels of sophistication. The Advanced Computation module performs conformational analysis, comparison, volume and map calculations, etc. The Biopolymer module offers a smooth and intuitive guide for protein and nucleic acid modelling problems. Composer provides the user with tools for knowledge-based homology modelling of protein structures. The QSAR/CoMFA module comprises advanced tools for generating and manipulating tables, the so-called Molecular Spreadsheets, and comparing molecules based on their steric and electrostatic fields. From


TUTORIAL 1 – Sybyl: Live demonstration


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