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w3schools: Learn to Code

On the w3schools site I was surprised to find a lot more than informational tutorial for Web coding such as CSS or PHP.  The site offers a large number of well organized,  self-paced tutorials on a much larger scale.

Coding languages

Here are a few that I find particularly useful to data scientists and biologists:

  • R
  • Python (3)
    • Pandas (Python library to analyze data.)
    • NumPy (Python library to work with arrays.)
    • SciPy (Scientific Python: Python library for scientific computation that uses NumPy.)
    • Matplotlib (Plotting library)
  • MySQL (relational database management system.)
  • Git (version control system)


Other entries are more comprehensive and may address multiple cross-disciplinary domains:

The site provides a web-browser built-in editor to run the exercises on the fly.

The site is free to use and can certainly be beneficial to many.

Credits: image based on pixabay’s Matryx image school learning programmed and w3schools home page.