Learn X in Y minutes

Learn X in Y minutes

Learn X in Y minutes

In the past we had “flash cards” to memorize and review materials. This site Learn X in Y minutes has one-page reminders that can be used to re-learn material or get some idea of what the subject is about.

For example I wrote a series of 4 posts titled  Do yourself a favor: learn Markdown. By going to the XY site the reader will find a whole page with easy to understand examples of markdown: learnxinyminutes.com/docs/markdown with code that is easy to copy paste.

Not all pages are easy to follow if the reader does not know the subject. But it is clearly a quick way to access commands not easily memorized. One that I know I ‘ll use is the page for the version-control program git.

Many pages are available as translation in various languages: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese… But not all pages are available as translation for all languages.

Overall this is a “neat” web site to quickly remind oneself of things previously known but forgotten or hard to remember.


The title entries are summarized in the following tables in the 3 categorical entries, the most abundant being computer languages. Find the links at learnxinyminutes.com.

Algorithms & Data Structures
Asymptotic Notation
Dynamic Programming
Lambda Calculus
Set theory


asciidoc bc bf c
c# c++ chapel CHICKEN
clojure clojure macros COBOL coffeescript
coldfusion Common Lisp Coq crystal
css cypher D dart
Dhall docker Easylang edn
elisp elixir Elm erlang
F# factor forth Fortran
GDScript Go Groovy Hack
haml Haskell haxe hdl
HQ9+ html hy Inform7
Janet java javascript json
jsonnet Julia kdb+ kotlin
latex LB Stanza LDPL less
Lisp Flavoured Erlang(LFE) LiveScript Logtalk LOLCODE
Lua M (MUMPS) markdown Matlab
mercury MIPS Assembly MongoDB montilang
moonscript neat Nim nix
Objective C OCaml OCaml(gr) Paren
Pascal PCRE perl PHP
Pod pogoscript processing prolog
protocol buffers Pug purescript Python
Python 2 (legacy) Q# R racket
Raku reason Red restructured text (RST)
ruby Rust sass Scala
self Sing SmallBASIC Smalltalk
Solidity SQL Standard ML stylus
swift Tcl Texinfo textile
toml TypeScript uxntal vala
Vimscript Visual Basic Vyper WebAssembly
whip wolfram xml yaml


amd AngularJS ansible
awk bash cmake
compojure composer DirectX 9
emacs fish git
jquery linker make
Mercurial messagepack OpenCV
OpenGL p5 powershell
PyQT Qt Framework raylib
ruby ecosystem ShutIt Statistical Computing with Python
tcsh tmux vim

Credits: scrabble letters