Tabular data analysis with R and Tidyverse

Readers can use the material as a series of “self-paced tutorials” as the chapters were written in such a manner that all commands are available as well as data files.

The material is suited for beginners. Completing this course material has the following goals:

– Install and run R and Rstudio software with additional packages
– Understand programming concepts such as variablesconditional statementsdata stream, and pipelines
– Examine, compare and contrast data
– Illustrate analyzes with graphics and plots
– Compose reproducible reports that can be automated

At the end of the course you’ll have acquired sufficient proficiency and independence to use the software R within the RStudio graphical interface to analyze complex environmental datasets in tabular form and create useful and reproducible reports with annotated graphics.

In addition this course provides a guide for both “classic R” and the newer “Tidyverse” methods of analysis. Students also explore creating “dynamic documents” with “markdown” in “literate programming” philosophy that is now recognized as a useful step forward towards “reproducible research.”

Tutorial Course – Tabular data analysis with R and Tidyverse

The course material is available online as HTML for easy Copy/Paste and is also available as a single PDF document for easy printing. Links are also live in the PDF that has and additional clickable Index to more easily find topics of interest.

  • HTML (Bookdown form)
  • PDF (21.5Mb ,244 pages)



Instructions to download the 5 (five) datasets from the NHANES source  are included in the material. However, these are also available to download here for convenience. See details within to understand how to use these files that are in .XPT “transfer” format from the SAS software.

The merged  “Master4” file that is created during the course can also be downloaded as well as a .csv file with either: