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“World of Viruses comics” from the University of Nebraska are available free on-line as PDF or for reading online. A nice way to educate oneself and younger ones while seemingly having fun! Just follow this link:

Influenza. World of Viruses Comics Nebraska

Description of the series on Amazon:

World of Viruses is a graphic novel that contains the thrilling true stories of well-known threats like foot and mouth disease, HIV, the flu, and HPV, as well as the lesser-known but helpful role that viruses play in saving global ecosystems from out-of-control blooms of algae. The talented artists and writers included in this spectacular graphic novel feature the heroics and adventures of viruses and scientists, as they challenge each other for survival on planet Earth.

Comic: Occupied by microbes bacteria fungi

Note: The web site has some obsolete links. The “App” link now takes you to iTunes and only 2 titles appear available, and only for iOS: “Phantom planet HD” (HIV) and “The never ending battle” (Ocean viruses.)

Some links within the site are obsolete,  but the following links still work: