PyMOL in book Exploring Protein Structure – Principles and Practice

Exploring Protein Structure: Principles and Practice

Tim Skern is Professor for Biochemistry at both the Medical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna in Austria. He teaches courses in biochemistry, virology and scientific English to science and medical students. The book was developed from a course on protein structure offered at the University since 1999.

I had the pleasure to meet Tim Skern at various conferences over the years during my days in virology. His new book has the extraordinary appeal to teach both protein structure and learning the PyMOL software at the same time.

As expected, the book contains many PyMOL illustrations, but in an extraordinary burst of generosity all figures are also provided with a script to reproduce each figure within your own PyMOL session!

Available Free of charge at UW-Madison

Fortunately, the book is available from the UW-Madison library system in electronic form as catalog entry 9912611903502121

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Once on the page, on the top-right of the page under “Online Access” click SpringerLink eBooks and log-in with your Net-ID (Duo Multi-factor required) You can then download the book in your choice of PDF or ePub formats, or both.

About the book

This textbook introduces the basics of protein structure and logically explains how to use online software to explore the information in protein structure databases. Readers will find easily understandable, step-by step exercises and video-trainings to support them in grasping the fundamental concepts.

After reading this book, readers will have the skills required to independently explore and analyze macromolecular structures, will be versed in extracting information from protein databases and will be able to visualize protein structures using specialized software and on-line algorithms.

This book is written for advanced undergraduates and PhD students wishing to use information from structural biology in their assignments and research and will be a valuable source of information for all those interested in applied and theoretical aspects of structural biology.


Biological Macromolecules
Drawing Protein Structures
Molecular Modeling
Protein Structure
Protein Structure Databases
Understanding Protein Structure Databases

Author Affiliation

Max F. Perutz Laboratories Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Tim Skern Lab : Skern lab: Virus-host interactions, Immunity & Infection, Structure & Function of Macromolecular Assemblies

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