Bioinformatics – which computer language should I learn first?

In the past years I have focused on what seemed to be the most useful bioinformatics tools for biologists that need to analyze data with software that does not have a graphical interface. The final result is that I created tutorials for bash, R and python. It seems that others agree, and I think this youtube video from Maria Nattestad founder and CEO of OMGenomics, now at a Software engineer at Google according to her LinkedIn profile.

In her youtube presentation titled “For bioinformatics, which language should I learn first?” she offers “some concrete recommendations about what programming languages to start with. I focus on R, Python, and Bash for beginners, and I also consider in what circumstances you should consider adding other languages, including C, C++, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and Matlab.

On this channel (OMGenomics) most videos are about  2 years old but some of the information is still very relevant today.

There are also actual tutorials on: