Programming for Biology – Cold Spring Harbor

Programming for Biology 2019

The famous Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  offers many courses, the course Programming for Biology 2019 was held in October 2019 and this specific course generously offers the course materials online on this site:

The course materials covers basics and advanced methods using Unix & Python and provides tutorial materials that include exercises.

Materials include

  • Unix overview and advanced
  • Python programming
  • text editors and Git
  • Next Gen Sequencing
  • RNAseq
  • Genome assembly


Books Used in the Course

Learning Python, 5th Edition
Mark Lutz
O’Reilly & Associates
(book web site)
The Linux Command Line
William E. Shotts. Jr.
No Starch Press
(book web site)
( Free sample: Chapter 6: Redirection)
Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition
Brian Jones, David Beazley
O’Reilly & Associates
(book web site)