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*nix Tutorials – bash basics

TUTORIAL 1 – Basic Unix

(last updated: December 7, 2016)

This workshop is meant to learn and understand basic line commands as they are typed on a text terminal. Therefore this is a tutorial on the bash Unix shell.


The following lessons are based on the Software Carpentry “Core” lesson “The Unix Shell” and the ZIP file to download has changed name to shell-lesson-data.zip 
Therefore use this updated shell-lesson-data.zip  version in the documents below. The originale named file  shell-novice-data.zip is no longer available.
Note that the new file may contain additional files or directories and may also have a different internal organization of files and directories.


In class short hand out (rendered ipython jupyter notebook)  – PDF

Extra hand outs:

  • Dos to Unix commands (HTMLPDF).
  • Unix/Linux Command Reference (PDF)


  • Ritchie, D. M.; Thompson, K. (1974). “The UNIX Time-Sharing System” (PDF). Communications of the ACM. 17 (7): 365–375. Archived (PDF) from the original on 11 June 2015.