PyCharm IDE installation without Admin

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PyCharm IDE Installation

Having “Admin privileges” on an educational or business computer is becoming a rarity, as security reasons are increasingly important. However, there are often way to install a software for “just one user” that can be useful.

PyCharm is a popular Python Integrated development environment (IDE),  a software application that helps manage writing computer code more efficiently. Until yesterday I did not know to install it on a Macintosh without Admin privileges. However, on a Mac is it very easy (Windows users see further below.)

Macintosh: Easy!

This post: Can I install programs on a Mac without admin rights? posted in 2010 still holds true. The relevant portion was:

If it is a drag & drop installation you can drag it to the Applications folder within your user folder, or anywhere within your user folder for that matter.

Drag PyCharm icon into user Application folder

The rest of the post can be useful for other purposes: “If it uses Apple’s Installer you will need an admin name & password. You may or may not be able to get around that by right clicking on the installer package, select “Show Package Contents” and drag & drop the app from there.


Windows users might be able to install as a single user by changing the default “Destination Folder” from \Program Files\JetBrainsPyCharm Community Edition... that would require Admin privilege to a directory within one’s username space.

Install PyCharm on windows

This idea is based on reviewing a standard installation scree capture series is on this PyCharm installation tutorialI do not have a Windows system at hand so this might not work.