New classroom, computers, workshops

New classroom, computers, workshops

New Apple Macintosh M1 computers are ready for hosting new workshops in person again.

New classroom settings

Apple M1 Macintosh

The classroom is now equipped with Macintosh mac-mini computers with the new M1 chip. These are attached to Dell 4K display monitors providing a crisp image and easy connections.

New workshops

While there are many options for R and Python workshops that are available on Campus, as detailed in a previous announcement (R and Python workshops – Fall 2022) there is still a need for “in house” options to be offered and make use of the Biochem classroom. These will be announced shortly.

In the plan are new workshops for R and Python based on freely available books or courses. There are lots of online tutorials, whether videos or in print. But it is time and practice that will help learning. New usage of the classroom will help in that endeavor.

Preview materials

In addition to “introductory” materials the following resources will be used:

Books using R:

“- Molecular Data Analysis Using R” (Csaba Ortutay, Zsuzsanna Ortutay. February 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 352 Pages) This book is available as a PDF download for UW personnel on the library catalog #9912822968302121)
“- Introduction to Data Science” (with R) – Rafael Irizarry. Free online

Books using Python:

“- Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python” – Joakim Sundnes – Free PDF download. Simula/Springer Open Access – 2020.
“- Python Programming” – Hans-Petter Halvorsen – Free PDF download.
– “Python for Biologists” – Martin Jones –  Free PDF download (2013 edition) [Archived PDF.]

Video Courses

UW-Madison personnel has access to “LinkedIn Learning” (previously known as professional courses. Specific courses from these resources may be used as additional support.