Docker saves the day – Roadmaps – rivem

rhino b14 roadmap - detail
rhino b14 roadmap – detail

Docker saves the day!

Here is a great example of how Docker can help save a NATURE paper!


Problem: Professor wants to use a specific virology program called rivem (links below.) However, this only works on a Linux system.

Solution: download a small, 64Mb, Ubuntu Docker image and run the rivem program inside a Docker container!

This requires just a few steps:

  • Step 1: download the program: rivem
  • Step 2: download relevant 3D PDB data, e.g. rhinoviruses B14, A16, and C15 from the Protein Data Bank
  • Step 3: download the ubuntu docker image from with command:  docker pull ubuntu
  • Step 4: start the image with a shared directory containing the PDB data, for example:

docker run -it --rm -v $HOME/dockershare/:/data ubuntu

  • step 5: go to the appropriate directory and run the rivem command to create the roadmap
  • Step 6: relish in the result!:
rhino b14 roadmap - small
rhino b14 roadmap – small


  • rivem is available from Purdue
  •  Missing image of manual at Purdue is visible on this version of the rivem manual from the author now at UTEP


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