Python wins popularity of programming languages

cartoon hand pointing towards Python logo
Python index rises sharply since 2018. Source


Python ranks #1 in popularity of programming languages on the TIOBE Index


The popularity of programming languages is reflected in the TIOBE Programming Community index which is updated once a month.
The rankings are determined by the amount of qualified engineers in the world, courses, and outside vendors using data from well-known search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo!… The TIOBE index does not reflect which is the greatest programming language or the one with the most lines of code written in it.

The index is located at and ranks about 150 languages.

The 5 languages with more than 10% ratings are shown below, with no change since last year:

Nov 2022 Nov 2021 Change Programming Language Ratings Change
1 1 Python page Python 17.18% +5.41%
2 2 C page C 15.08% +4.35%
3 3 Java page Java 11.98% +1.26%
4 4 C++ page C++ 10.75% +2.46%

The Following graph shows the marked rise in popularity since 2018. See original graph on which is updated monthly. index as of Nove 2022

Credits: Top illustration combined source from tiobe-index, hand pointing index finger by Pixabay Alexandru Petre, network lights by Pixabay Geralt.