R courses and tutorials. Classic, Tidyverse, Data Wrangling, ggplot2

This is a list of R material that I found online that I think can be useful as reference or as working material to learn R / RStudio / Mardkown.

I’ll try to separate the links between “Classic” and “Tidyverse” versions, but that is not always possible… “Tidyverse” would include plotting with ggplot2 R package which itself is part of the multipackage called tidyverse.

The book section does not particularly distinguish between the R categories, but rather have emphasis on Data, Graphics, Markdown, Programming, and Statistics.

Classic R

Tidyverse R

Books (free)

More tiles can be found on the bookdown web page.

Here are a few that are relevant. These books are free reading online in the new HTML bookdown format, but are also published by renowned publishers such as O’Reilly or CRC Press.

Courses and Workshops